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Bio: Rubber glue for baby diaper
Rubber glue for baby diaper Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Super positioning hot melt glue packing is 20kg/Carton, 490mm*250mm*250mm
Delivery Time
25-30 Days After Receipt Deposit

Rubber glue for baby diaper
- OEM & ODM are available.
- Free samples are available.
- This is just for reference, can be adjusted as per requirement.

Rubber glue for baby diaper Application
Positioning Hot Melt Glue are widely used for:
1. Position glue for sanitary napkins.
2. Position glue for lady napkins, panty liner.
3. Elastic glue for baby diaper, adult diaper.

Rubber glue for baby diaper Features
1. Excellent bonding strength and peel strength.
2. Low energy consumption.
3. Good heat-stability, low application temperature without burning the substrates.
4. Good aging resistance
5. Non-toxic,colorless odorless and without fluorescency.

Rubber glue for baby diaper Storage
Store in a dry place where the temperature is below 35℃ and the storage life is 2 years.
Do not mix with other glue.
Keep containers and pre-melters covered to avoid contamination.
Material is applied hot. Proper clothing and eye protection should be used.
Rotate Stock-first in, first out.

Rubber glue for baby diaper Appearance
Amber color solid

Rubber glue for baby diaper Specification
NameElastic Spandex Adhesive for Hygienic Product Hot Melt Glue
MaterialSynthetic resin and rubber
AppearanceLight yellow transparent Solid 100%, in Block
Softening pointApprox. 81°C
Application temperature150-180 degree
SmellSlight smell of resin
Viscosity, cps:
@125°C9800 Cps(as reference)
@150°C2700 Cps(as reference)
@175°C1500 Cps(as reference)
Storage2 years in dry and cool environment below 35°C and far from fire, unexposed to the sunlight
Diaper Rubber Hot Melt Glue factory
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